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Held in the Village Hall on Friday 18th February 2011 at 7.30 p.m.

Brian Huchinson (Chairman) opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and advised there were apologies from Mary Wardale, Betty Holmes, Fay Plant and Madge Randall. Apologies had also been received from the Society’s Patron, Mr Robert Robinson.

The minutes of the AGM held on the 19th February 2010 were read by Anne White. These were AGREED and signed by Brian Hutchinson. There were no matters arising. Brian then advised those present of the illness of the proposed entertainer Dennis Taylor (as George Formby), and the need for a serious operation, and in his place at short notice we would have members from Hallmark of Harmony Barber Shop Quartet.


Anne White advised that the Society had had a successful year, where meetings had been well attended. Thanks were given to Madge Randall who had arranged the last year’s programme and to Roy Mercer who had taken over as Programme Secretary. Thanks were also given to Paul Truscott for his work on the web site, and Pat Maskrey and Malcolm Groves for arranging the Society’s outing to Whitby which had been much enjoyed. The Society committee had been busy with exhibitions in Chesterfield Central Library in May; the Village Hall Fun Day in August, the Scout’s Christmas Fayre in the Village Hall in November, and an event in Wingerworth. The committee also participated in the URC Christmas Tree Festival. The year had gone very quickly and positive prospects for an eventful year ahead.


Full copies of the report were on the table for inspection, and Sandra Mercer reported a healthy balance. The accounts had been independently audited by Asha Brandwood, for which the Society were grateful. There were no questions.


Malcolm Groves (Vice Chairman) thanked Sandra for her accurate balance sheet and accounts which had been by accepted by all committee members and independently checked. He proposed the adoption of the accounts for the year ending 30th November 2010 and this



Roy Mercer gave an amusing and informative insight into the next programme for the Society’s 38th year. The new programme would be ready for distribution in late May/early June.


Malcolm Groves (Vice Chairman) advised that Fay Plant, Madge Randall and Brian Hutchinson would be retiring from the committee and the following were willing to be

re-elected - Sandra Mercer, Roy Mercer, Paul Truscott, Malcolm Groves, Pat Maskrey, Margaret Richmond, Mary Wardale, Betty Holmes and Anne White. Cyril Robinson, Gillian Robinson and Roy Maskrey were willing to join the committee and this was proposed by Paul Truscott and seconded by Jennifer Gandy. The committee of twelve was AGREED.


Brian Hutchinson reviewed the varied and interesting events which had happened and advised of the two trips planned which had been at everyone’s suggestion. He gave some details about the Lincoln trip in June at an approximate cost of £12 to £14, to include a buffet, and dependent on numbers. He advise this was a sad occasion for him to step down from the committee, but hoped he had made a positive contribution. The Society’s attendance at meetings had averaged 70. He had tried to diversify by taking village walks in May and day walks. Paul Truscott had also continued his village walks throughout the summer, and these will commence once again in May through to September. Brian thanked the dedicated committee for their commitment and support.

Sandra then thanked Brian for his contribution and presented him with an album of various thanks from people and photographs of the village, together with a dictionary and thesaurus, for which he was delighted to receive and accept. The AGM closed at 7.45 pm  and wine/drinks were available with a pie and pea supper from 8 pm. Afterwards we were entertained by the Barber Shop Quartet which was enjoyed by all. Pat Maskrey arranged the raffle. The Quartet were warmly thanked by Brian, who then wished everyone a safe journey home.