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Held in the Village Hall on Friday 20th February 2009 at 7.30 p.m.

Brian Huchinson (Chairman) opened the meeting by introducing the Committee/Trustees. He then invited Roy Thompson (President) to take the chair. Roy Thompson welcomed everyone and advised that there were apologies from Betty Holmes and Madge Randall. He then advised that George Martin, a great supporter of the Society, was in hospital.

The minutes of the AGM held on the 15th February 2008 were read by Anne White. These

were AGREED and signed by Roy Thompson. There were no matters arising.


Anne White advised that the Society had had a successful year, with good attendances at meetings, the Society calendars, the June outing to the Buxton Dome and daytime walks.

The Society’s exhibition at the Village  “Fun Day” on the Bank Holiday Saturday had extended to Sunday and Monday in the United Reformed Church Schoolroom, and these had been a

huge success enjoyed by many people. Roy Thompson then thanked Anne for her report.


Full copies of the report were on the table for inspection plus copies around the hall, and Sandra Mercer reported another healthy balance. The accounts had been independently audited by Asha Brandwood, for which the Society were again very grateful. There were no questions.


Eric Eardley (Vice President) thanked Sandra for her accurate balance sheet and accounts which had been by accepted by all members of the committee and independently checked.

He proposed the adoption of the accounts for the period 1st December 2007 to

30th November 2009 and this was AGREED.


In view of the absence of Madge Randall (Programme Secretary), Brian Hutchinson advised that the programme for the 36th year had now been arranged and printed.

It was hoped there would be something of interest for everyone and the programme

was well received.


Brian Hutchinson reviewed the varied and interesting items which had happened in the Society in the 35 years. He thanked the dedicated committee for all their commitment, and the support from everyone who attended the meetings, which was very important. Thanks were also given to Robert, Eric and Roy for their continued support.


Eric Eardley gave the following committee members who were all willing to stand again for re-election: Brian Hutchinson, Malcolm Groves, Betty Holmes, Pat Maskrey, Sandra Mercer, Roy Mercer, Fay Plant, Madge Randall, Margaret Richmond, Mary Wardale and Anne White. Paul Truscott had also indicated his willingness to stand and this was proposed by Tony Gandy and seconded by Malcolm Groves. The Committee was AGREED.


Roy Thompson thanked the Committee for their individual and combined efforts. The Society continues to go from strength to strength and the result is shown by attendances at meetings and events, but unfortunately no bonuses could be paid!

The meeting closed at 7.45 pm.

After refreshments of Cheese and Wine, and the raffle, Charles Hanson, Television personality and antiques expert, gave the audience and insight into his work and gave valuations of the items brought in. A very entertaining and enlightening evening was enjoyed by many. He was thanked by Brian Hutchinson.