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CELEBRATING 40 YEARS 1974 - 2014


Held in the Village Hall on Friday 21st February 2014 at 7.30 p.m.

Pat Maskrey (Chairman) opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, including invited guests, Chairman of Holymoorside and Walton Parish Council, Mr Martin Thacker and his partner Jean, also Mrs Kay Robinson. Apologies had been received from Mr Robert Robinson.


A summary of the minutes of the meeting held on 15th February 2013, was read by Anne White. These had been AGREED and were signed by Pat Maskrey. There were no matters arising.


Anne White read the Secretary’s Report, advising it had been a very successful year, where varied meetings had been well attended.  Thanks were given to each of the Trustees for the roles they undertook to make everything run smoothly. Due to snow in January 2013 the meeting had had to be cancelled, but the speaker would be in the next Programme. The June 2013 Outing to Stratford-upon-Avon was enjoyed by all, everyone being able to do their own thing and take advantage of the many places of interest. The Trustees had been busy promoting the Society with a showing of the Holymoorside Past and Present film at the Annual Parish Meeting in the Village Hall; Fun Day exhibition in the URC Schoolroom; the website and Archiving; production of a Special Fortieth Anniversary Calendar, and a stall at the local Scouts Christmas Fair. The Trustees continue to research the past, together with contributions from residents, which gives a sound foundation for the future.


Gillian Robinson reported a healthy balance, and full copies of the report were on the table for everyone to inspect. The accounts had been independently audited by Asha Brandwood, for which the Society were grateful. There were no questions and Pat thanked Gillian for her accurate Accounts which had been accepted by the Trustees and independently checked and these were AGREED. It was noted that Meeting Charges would rise from £1.50 to £2.00 in September 2014. The last increase was nine years ago.


Pat Maskrey reported that it was quite an achievement for a village society to be celebrating 40 years. Sadly, the original members were no longer with us, but one member connected to the founding group was here with us tonight - namely Midge Thompson. Pat then read from the History Society’s Millenium Trail handbook, noting the start of the Society by a handful of people one winter’s evening in 1973. Many notable things had been achieved over the years and to the present day we continue to research the past, and have a very efficient archive and website of photographs and documents from interested residents. We hope to continue this for many years to come and thanks to you all and to the conscientious work of my fellow Trustees.


Malcolm Groves reported that the new Programme was complete and ready to go to the printers. This would be available for distribution at the June Outing to Liverpool.


Malcolm Groves (Vice Chairman) advised that the following were willing to remain as Trustees of the Society: Pat Maskrey, Roy Maskrey, Gillian Robinson, Cyril Robinson, Paul Truscott, Malcolm Groves and Anne White. If anyone was interested in joining the Trustees, he would be pleased to speak to them during the evening.

Pat closed the meeting at 7.41 pm and advised that the bar was open, and that a supper of Yorkshire Pudding and Meat Stew would be served by the Trustees. Afterwards, Pat introduced DaleDivas, a ladies barbershop singing choir, who presented a thoroughly entertaining evening with audience participation!! Pat thanked Dale Divas, and distributed the Raffle prizes, before wishing everyone a safe journey home.